Annual Meeting

26th Annual Meeting


On May 8 to 10, the 26th Annual Meeting of the I-BFM Study Group will take place in Budapest and is hosted by Prof. Dr. Gábor Kovács.


The non-public annual meeting of of the I-BFM Study Group is a forum to discuss ongoing studies, general issues relating to leukemia and lymphoma and the development of collaborative clinical and laboratory projects.

In April 2014, the group held a very fruitful meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.


The I-BFM study group meeting is a closed meeting. Participation is possible upon invitation by the chairs of the I-BFM SG. Each national group may submit names of attendees from their group which will be sent an invitation. Additionally, external observers can be invited if proposed to the chairman of the group.


  • For general inquiries or to request an invitation please contact the Chair of the I-BFM study group:

    e-Mail: eMail

  • In all other matters please contact the local organizer and Co-chair of the I-BFM Study Group, Prof. Dr. Gábor Kovács

  • or the meeting secretariat: