The international BFM Study Group gathers annually to discuss ongoing studies, general issues relating to leukemia and lymphoma and the development of collaborative clinical and laboratory projects. This annual meeting is also a forum to report progress from national study groups. Plenary lectures and round table discussions as well as committee sessions build the setting for this exchange.

The next meeting will take place from May 8 to 10 in Budapest, Hungary.


Future meetings:

26th Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, 2015


Former meetings:

25th Annual Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, 2014

24th Annual Meeting in Kiel, Germany, 2013

23rd Annual Meeting in Santiago de Chile, 2012

22nd Annual Meeting in Gdansk 2011

21st Annual Meeting in Antalya 2010

20th Annual Meeting in Bergamo 2009

19th Annual Meeting in Glasgow 2008: External Link

18th Annual Meeting in Brügge 2007

all former Meetings

In parallel, committees meet on a regular basis in between annual meetings to exchange work on respective topics and discussion progress in detail. The progress is reported for all members on annual meetings.

Results of both are usually presented to the scientific community at the bi-annual symposium on childhood leukaemia, held in conjunction with the study group meeting.

Transferring findings into the clinical field, the I-BFM Study Group jointly develops new therapy protocols for large therapy optimization studies.

Clinical research is backed up by collaborative laboratory research projects.