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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Committee (NHL)

Lymphomas represent the third most common cancer in children and adolescents. The non-Hodgkin's lymphomas comprise a heterogeneous group of tumors, with distinct clinical and pathologic and molecular features. Although intensive multi-agent chemotherapy has made non-Hodgkin's lymphoma one of the most curable malignancies in children and young adults, there is still room for improvement in treatment, particularly for those with advanced-stage disease and those who relapse after conventional therapy.

Despite the high cure rates achieved with intensified primary therapies for childhood non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL), the prognosis for children with relapsed or refractory disease is poor. Optimal treatment for this group remains a challenge.

The I-BFM NHL Committee and Study Group is the platform to discuss, initiate and perform multinational clinical trials in childhood NHL.

Primary objective of the committee is to improve the outcome and quality of life for children and adolescents with NHL via joined effort of the I-BFM NHL group.

Ways to do so:

  • To focus on risk stratification in each NHL disease subset
  • To optimize the use of chemotherapy
  • To decrease the treatment related mortality
  • To follow new trends in Biologic Targeted Therapies
  • To support clinical and biological research


  Andishe Attarbaschi
since 2014, 1st term

Clinical Trials

  • I-BFM NHL LL 2009 (ongoing)
    Study Chair: Jaroslav Sterba, Brno

  • B-NHL BFM 04 (ongoing)
    Study Chair: A. Reiter, Gießen

  • B-NHL BFM Rituximab (ongoing)
    Study Chair: A. Reiter, Gießen

  • I-BFM rare pediatric NHL data registry
    Study Chair: Jaroslav Sterba, Zdenka Krenova, Brno

Therapy optimization studies in collaboration with EICNHL:

  • ALCL-Relapse (ongoing)
    Study Chair: A. Reiter, Gießen

  • ALCL 99 (analyzed)
    Study Chair: A. Reiter, Gießen

  • EURO-LB02 (completed, analyzed)
    Study Chair: A. Reiter, Gießen

Other Activities

  • Development of treatment protocol for children with Nijmegen-Breakage Syndrom and Ataxia teleangiectatica


  • Non Hodkin`s Lymphoma Committee session at the I-BFM SG Meeting, October 2nd – 4th 2010 in Antalya


I-BFM Rare and cutaneous pediatric non – Hodgkin lymphoma registry


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